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UntitledAugust 20, 2012

Seeing as this is my first blog you would have thought we might have thought it through more, but frankly we didn't, and there are a few things i wanted to throw into the blog that I had forgotten, I guess mainly for my own memory (because I don't really expect anyone to be reading this).

Gathering VO from "The Ritz" in Colorado Springs: Our first experience getting fuel

Sam spent about two hours walking up and down Tejon St. in downtown Colorado Springs asking every restaurant around if we could have their waste oil. Many places were interested in what we were doing, but the right person wasn't there to okay it, or in the case of the Phantom Canyon Brewery, they were as committed to being green as we were and already had a company that recycled their oil for them. Of all places, the Ritz, a somewhat skeezy bar downtown let us take 40 gallons of their oil for $10 and a little attitude, but we were grateful none the less.

It was our first experience actually pumping the oil out of the grease trap, and we didn't have a system set up yet to pump it straight into the fuel tank (I don't think the RV was running at the time)...So, we got a 55 gallon plastic drum from Sinton Dairy, and rented a dolly from Home Depot. I spent about 20 minutes hauling that drum down Tejon about 3 blocks at 11pm before I couldn't feel my arms anymore. I stopped on a street corner, and waited for Sam to show up with his 2 door Honda Accord (while waiting, covered in grease, and sitting next to this giant drum of oil, two giggling girls pulled up next to me and asked if I was handcuffed to a trash can). Sam finally arrived, popped his trunk, I got in looking like some kind of contortionist with my knees by my head, and my arms desperately clinging to the dolly with the grease. We sped down Tejon (apparently a speed didn't even register on the speedometer) with grease sloshing around and smoke pouring out of the dolly wheels. It was a sight to see, but unfortunately neither of us brought a camera. We are working on streamlining our pumping and filtering set up so we have one end of a hose that goes in the grease trap, and one that goes into the fuel tank, so hopefully I will never have to cart 300 lbs of VO downtown again.


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