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June 9th-June 13th: Colorado Springs to Santa FeAugust 20, 2012

Well, we finally made it, we graduated and went straight to early retirement…we’re living the dream. After casually mentioning selling t-shirts out of an RV, we bought it, retrofitted it to run on vegetable oil (check out the “about us tab” to find out more about our “sustainable business and living in a van down by the river”), gutted it, dressed it up to look nice, and broke a champagne bottle on the front grill to christen it.

On Monday June 9th we prepared to brush the dust of Colorado Springs off our heels and head to Great Sand Dunes National Park to redust our shoes with sand, and to relax after two months of horrible stress from classes, graduating, starting a business, selling shirts, and partying relentlessly, and in a poof of irony the RV (Steve) refused to start. It was about this time we realized we had never turned the head lights off from the christening ceremony. Auspicious beginnings.

We finally made it to the Great Sand Dunes trailing the sweet smell of French fries and an air of invincibility, only to be forced to relax a day longer when Steve refused to start once again. Our motto soon changed from Santa Fe or bust to Santa Fe and bust.

We arrived in Santa Fe running on oily fumes on Tuesday night, and were graciously fed, showered, and put to bed at our college friend Alex Hesbrook’s incredible house (right off of Dinosaur Trail). For the last 2 days we have been fed sumptuous gourmet meals by Zack and Michele and have transformed their garage into our printing studio to restock our stock room (bathroom) and prepare for the Tesuque Flea Market on Friday, Saturday, and Sunday.

Today we also managed to fill up our 40 gallon vegetable oil tank at Joe’s Diner, where we met a very nice and curious kitchen staff, owner and personal friend of Zacks as well as a huge and nasty grease trap. We spent about 2 hours pumping the beautiful, golden, free fuel into Steve’s belly, which also meant that each of us spent about an hour with our hands submerged in grease, and faces aching to break out into acne (we’re still working the kinks out). You know how people say that there’s no such thing as a free lunch? Well the oil that the lunch is fried in isn’t really “free” either.

Anyway, we’ve gotta go get some sleep so we’ll have our strength tomorrow, and you, well, you should probably go do something more productive too. Write the great American novel. Consider the daffodil. I don’t know. Anyway, we’re going to bed. Stay tuned.


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