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Beach BummingAugust 20, 2012

Sam and I have taken a couple of days of R&R from the rigorous regiment of working and skiing in eastern Oregon, and are happily braving the tempestuous weather of the Oregon Coast. We brought our work with us, but seeing as there is no internet at the beach house, I am blogging from the MG Cafe in Rockaway, and actively looking for the post office. Luckily for us, the hot tub is hot, there is propane in the grill, and plenty of sand on the beach. Unfortunately I may have to mourn the loss of yet another hard drive. The poor little fella is hardly two months old, and already he is clicking. My heart is just too heavy to have to bury another harddrive...I will have to convert to solid state! On the lighter side, I have destroyed Sam in our latest scrabble games, and hope to continue the good work.

Below are a couple of photos from the beach, as well as a new drawing:

Darth Extinction

We did some experiments with long exposure pictures with light up juggling balls...and magic.

crazy phosphorescent algae or fungus growing on a piece of drift wood. This is a 2 min exposure at an ISO of 1600.

The lichen is in bloom!

Nailed it!

There is a point where metal and wood are nearly indistinguishable.


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