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Pins and Needles CaliforniaAugust 20, 2012


Well, we made it out of Kingmen full of exuberance, and into the gateway of California: Needles. We attempted to make it to Barstow from Needles, a 200 mile drive, but about 4 miles away from Needles our radiator literally exploded. It may have been the heat (120 degrees F) or it may have been the fact that our radiator was ziptied to the car and was apparently an amalgamation of several different radiators welded into one, but either way we are stuck in this god forsaken hell hole until Tuesday night.

Mercifully the sun went below the horizon

Every day I think that it has to be cooler out, since it couldn't have possibly been hotter than the day before...man was I wrong. I have never been in a place where the wind is hotter than the absence of wind. It feels like we are being scorched by a magnifying glass, except that there is nothing interesting to look at here.

My poor Australian White's Tree Frog, Fontane, couldn't take the heat, and died on Saturday June 21st. He was 3 years old.

More and more this trip is beginning to remind me of the computer game the Oregon Trail. We have already lost one member of our party to heat exhaustion and the meat in our freezer went bad and had to be thrown away...I just hope neither of us gets bitten by a rattlesnake or dies of diphtheria.

We have been trying to keep ourselves occupied, mainly by reading (thank god we restocked on books in Flagstaff), watching Futurama, and swimming at the local pool, however our primary occupation is trying to dig a hole in which to bury ourselves in.

Our home is now situated on the side of the 76 gas station where there is a bathroom, an outlet, and very little local flora or fauna. I have now eaten at Denney's twice, and wish I could take it all back. We ventured out one day in search of the Colorado river, which is supposed to run through town, but on our adventure we ran out of water and had to turn back...we have plans to explore the area later this afternoon, but we will need to find more water, and possibly a couple of pack mules to carry it.

Today we discovered the internet, lurking somewhere within the public library...it is conveniently located next to the swimming pool, and I am able to write this post with some amount of optimism, because I know that I will be able to douse the fire that will inevitable ignite somewhere on my body once I trek back to the 76/home.

Sorry, but these are the only interesting pictures I have taken as of yet in needles. We found a skate park near the pool, where Sam tried to do some tricks. I valued my head and stood safely out of the way.


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