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Mouth to Car: Auto ProblemsAugust 20, 2012

Sorry it's been so long since I have updated this...internet is somewhat hard to come by on the road.

22nd Birthday Party at the Hesbrook house

We were both sad to leave the incredible hospitality of Alex, Michele, and Zack in Santa Fe, but we needed to continue the road trip. We left whistling out of tune, full of vim and vigor, and Steve made it sluggishly at about 30 miles per hour into Flagstaff Arizona, which is a very cool oasis in the Arizona desert. We got in on my birthday June 16th and stayed at the KOA RV park. We paid $30 to park, and promptly hiked up Mt. Elden under the full moon with our hammocks to sleep at the peak. It was a beautiful hike, with ancient sinuous juniper trees, towering pine trees, flowering yucca, and bioluminescent beetle larvae. We set up our hammocks on top of a rock outcrop that looked over all of Flagstaff, cheersed with our last two beers, and passed out...exhausted.

The full moon over Flagstaff

Sam reading in his hammock

The next day we met up with a family friend of Sam's, Cindy Perin, at a pizza resturaunt that turned out to be much like Chucky Cheese...needless to say we blew all of our money.

Cindy Perin is an incredibly interesting, hospitable, and subversive woman. She is most widely known in Flagstaff for her ongoing battle to try to be sustainable. She is in the process of building a beautiful house complete with solar electric, solar thermal and the latest in green building materials (recycled tire roof shakes, recycled money table top,...recycled blue jeans insulation), however some of her "neighbors" (you can barely see their house from hers) are trying to keep her from putting up solar panels because don't fit in with the decor of the neighborhood. We left Cindy's house well fed, with a few fewer t-shirts (spooning leads to forking, all my friends are dead, and the Tetons are an orogenous zone...she seems to share our sense of humor), and joking about how it would be as hard for Steve to leave Flagstaff as us. We were more right than we knew.

Steve started acting funny about 30 miles outside of Flagstaff, where we pulled off at exit 71, came to a stop at the stop sign, and didn't move for about 2 hours, 2 cops, and one tow truck later. Turns out the radiator cap wasn't working so well, and we were spewing coolant. About 5 hours and 300 dollars later we were back on the road, on our way to Kingman Arizona...we broke down again about 30 miles away.

Our poor radiator :(

It's hard to convey the exact feelings we were both going through, but if I tried it would be something like "F*$#in' piece of %$@##$...manacle laughter...qhi@#!...nervous laughter...?????...$$$$...FUCK! As we listened to "easy listening Kenny G" on hold with AAA.

Apparently warning lights do nothing to deter truckers

After 2o min or so of "Oh, well you're going to need RV AAA, not AAA plus", "You're in Arizona...I don't understand, why are you calling AAA Colorado", "I don't think you can upgrade to AAA RV...let me connect you 4 or 5 times back and forth between Colorado and Massachusetts...click", we got a hold of a towing company, and made it into the middle of nowhere within Kingman. We ate Carl's Jr. for dinner and slept in front of the auto shop.

I am currently posting this from the auto shop, where the two mechanics are exponentially more helpful than anyone else we have run into, and we are hoping to be all fixed up and at least make it to San Francisco before Emi's birthday on June 27th. (I wish I could have made it to Emi's graduation in Chicago today, but judging from our RV trouble, I think it would have been a wasted plane ticket).

Ta for now, hopefully I won't have to post from an auto shop tomorrow!


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