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Wooden Trees and Beach PolesAugust 20, 2012

Here are some pictures left over from this last week.

Originally this was going to be a homage to Ian's dream of making a giant wooden skull in which we would write our dreams on paper and feed them to the crucible that would soon be its mouth, but that was way too hard, so we decided to make a tree...out of smaller trees.

We then spent the next several hours and a gallon of white gas trying to light the Gilligan's Island satellite dish on fire with disappointing results.
It wasn't all bad.

Alas our creation was no match for the awesome power of Poseidon
No matter how sandy these hot dogs got, they will always be better than the expired hot dogs individually coated in plastic (unbeknown to us) Sam, Matt, and I tried to cook on a fire we had to move three times because of the incoming tide on a beach in Costa Rica.

Sometimes you just need a better view.

Sam and I are back in Portland selling at the Portland Saturday Market. Today was a glorious second day of spring full of a sun I forgot could warm me to the core, rain which forced me to remember I was still in Oregon, and plenty of tshirt enthusiasts. We will be back tomorrow for hopefully more fun in the sun!


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