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UntitledAugust 20, 2012

Bichos en espanol = Critters

The Lonely Dinosaur Business Plan

Here we are blogging from the beach and following our dreams. We have realized yet another goal that was set almost two years ago involving the beach, throwing sticks, throwing flaming sticks, hot dogs, and the Cat Empire playing the soundtrack to the ocean. The original dream was to have a Cat Empire beach party, but seeing as it was just Sam and I we had to adjust our plans a bit. We replaced the need for friends by building a wooden monolith. Unfortunately I forgot to upload my photos from last night (I didn't have time to upload pictures before we left for the internet...apparently Sam is still on "business time", where as I have just realized that I was born on "beach time").

It is difficult to describe our wooden monolith because it will either sound much cooler than it is, or not cool enough. But, picture this, imagine we built a tree out of wood, with a trunk about 4 ft long, and in that great wooden tree we built ourselves an eagles nest about 15 ft in diameter. It looks roughly like God's toilet plunger, or a wooden beach satellite dish. I haven't been to the beach this "morning" but I can only hope it is still there. We spent several hours last night trying to engulf the plunger in flame, but to no avail.

Another failed venture from last night was making rock candy, but like all of our dreams that don't succeed we keep at them until we forget why we ever wanted to fulfill them in the first place.

I hope to post some pictures tomorrow so you know I haven't completely hyperbolized the rock candy...among other things.

Our plans for today include redesigning old designs and making new screens to increase our print quality. We have also procured a giant silk screen specifically to create our DNA Helicase sweatshirt design. And, we are slowly switching all of our screens to aluminum frames so they are more durable and lighter.

Well, I will leave it at that for now (aluminum screens got you on the edge of you seat)...lest I continue rambling.


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