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UntitledAugust 20, 2012

The Portland Saturday Market is open once again! We set up shop this weekend, and did better than I expected. Everyone at the market is still waiting for that warm spring weather, and the opening of the Waterfront addition to PSM, however, if all goes according to plan, Sam and I will be in Mexico by then. Right now we are printing in Sunriver, skiing at Mt Bachelor, and perfecting our juggling. By Friday we are going to pack up our whole print shop, and move it to the beach house for the rest of March, and then store it there while we travel. So, if anyone actually reads this blog, which I seriously doubt the do, and are in Portland, come check out our booth this Saturday and Sunday under the Burnside Bridge!

I have more cartoons on the way, but I am working on a shirt design that is taking much more time than I expected. Here is a picture to hold you over:

Sometimes you don't realize how much fun you had until you get back to your computer


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