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Como Estan BeachesAugust 20, 2012

Well, Sam and I are back from the Beach, and back from the uncouth internetless wilderness. The weather continued to be very temperamental, ranging from beautiful blue sky to dark swirling storm clouds pouring sleet and snow. However, throughout the tumult, we managed to have some fun, take some excellent photos, and make a fire (using half a gallon of white gas). I think our adventures to the beach are best described by what we brought:

1. Walkie Talkies
2. Bananas
3. Glowing color changing juggling balls
4. Flaming juggling pins
5. Camera w/ tripod
6. Gallon of White Gas
7. Head Lamps

Here are some of the better photos, and a very short stop motion movie I made while not being able to sleep:

An inch of snow on Neahkahnie Mountian

Sam at the top of Neahkahnie

The Sassy Pirate
This looks just like a fake picture, but believe me, I am just as cold as I look

baby jelly fish? They littered the beach like large dew drops

Drying out the wood for our fire with the help of a little white gas

Unfortunately Sam and I were driven from our wonderful fire onto the jetty by a very fast high tide
Luckily we got some nice long exposure photos. I think this one was about 15 minutes.
Headlamp lightning
Morning ice
Probably the best ideas I got out of our beach adventure was:
a camera that doesn't take pictures, but takes descriptions
a hot tub at the end of the jetty during a storm


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