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Deception River (not just a clever name)August 20, 2012

Ahhhhh!!! we are in Christchurch!

Matt blends into the local flora

A sullen Matt in the middle of a Yew tree

Me! Crotch Shot?

Deception River in Arthur's Pass...a quick tramp

Alright, some quick background: Sam, Matt, and have been staying with Devin and Emily in Christchurch, but on a whim decided to hitchhike to Arthur's Pass to do some tramping. We took a bus to the city limits of Christchurch and spent about 30min playing scrabble waiting for a ride to the Pass. Sam got picked up first, and then Matt and I were picked up 5 min later. We arrived in Arthur's Pass about 1.5 hrs later, however sam didn't arrive for much later, it took him 3 rides to make it to the pass.

Looking for Sam

A dinner of mashed potatos and chicken bullion

We spent our first night under the Southern Milky Way right near the trail head.

I still haven't figured out a way to keep condensation from building up while doing long exposure (45 min) photos.

Such a beautiful tiny ecosystem


It would be hard to distinguish this photo from one taken in Forest Park in Portland

Bryophytes "dew-ed"

Dino, a fellow tramper, we leap frogged him several times.

These horse hooves grew out of the trees just the way mushrooms do.

Moss explosion!

Fungus like coral

One of the smaller huts along the Deception River tramp

One of a hundred waterfalls along the way.

A wonderful board walk along the upper part of the trail.

We spent a good 45 minutes up in the glorious sun taking pictures of us jumping off of rocks

Ah the marvels of technology...sterilizing water using UV light

Right after talking about how pristine this tramp was and how we had hardly seen anyone on the track, this helicopter came out of nowhere and landed right in front of us. Apparently a woman fell down the trail and broke her wrist.

We found Hot Springs! There was no point in getting our rain gear any wetter.

We reached the end of the tramp only to find we were on the wrong side of the river. In order to get to the wrong side of the river we had to do a very difficult river crossing that nearly swept us all away. It was pouring rain, and the river rose about 2 feet in 2-3 hrs...we were stuck with the highway in sight. Luckily we found a fallen shack on a cow pasture that had dry wood in it. All three of us were soaked all the way through, and needed to get warm. We spent an extra night under a leaking corrugated iron roof hoping it would stop raining and the river would go down. That night we ran out of food, and had to forage for berries, and eat the spice packages left over from our Ramen Noodles. We spent the next day weak wandering back and forth from the tent and the river hoping we might cross.

our humble hovel

By chance Sam saw some trampers on the other side of the river collecting plants. By yelling across the river, he got them to find someone to get us across the river, and they threw us their extra food! THANK YOU wonderful Samaritans! Eventually a "Copper/Bobby" came by and the river had lowered, and we were able to ford it at last. We got a ride to the nearest "town"...a hotel, and tried to hitchhike back to Christchurch.

We eventually had to pay an old man a lot of money to get us back to Christchurch, but he did just that, and then we continued on to our next adventure. I will try to get those photos posted this week!

Ta for now,
Eric, Matt, and Sam


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