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UntitledAugust 20, 2012

After a glorious sunny spring day at the Portland Saturday Market Sam and I got some excellent free grub at a joint birthday party, left early and frantically packed the last of our internet orders, gizmos, gadgets of plenty, whosits, whatsits galore, and about 20 thingamabobs.

We began our trip to San Francisco by restocking our wagon with 3 redbulls and a frapaccino from the Albertsons. While waiting to check out we had a very strange conversation with an Izma (from The Emperor’s New Groove) looking woman about rocks and potatoes painted to look like strawberries or lady bugs/lady bird bugs. Leaving the market we espied the quintessential high school kids waiting in the car for someone to buy them beer…ahhh (reminiscent sigh).

It is 10:47 pm we are listening to Crane Wife 3 by the Decemberists and we have been driving for about 30 min…only 9.5 hrs left…uuuggghhh (annoyed and slightly frustrated sigh)

10:55 pm Sam just bolted past a cop waiting in ambush, and now we are flying under the radar. Thankfully his registration is now up to day after 4 years unregistered in Colorado.

7:30 am Arrive in San Francisco, much relieved that we don't have to park a 24 ft RV in the Mission


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