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UntitledAugust 20, 2012

Kickin' It Thai Boxing Style

Sam and I are visiting Sunriver to get a couple last days of skiing in, but for me it was a last day:( For the first time in my 20 years of skiing I had to be taken down the mountain on a ski patrol sled. I dropped some sweet cliffs, negotiated some trees, and then promptly fell on my face while not doing anything and dislocated my shoulder right in front of a apparently clairvoyant ski patrol man. My shoulder popped right back in after a couple of painful awkward shoulder feelings to my relief, I declined the ski patrols help, started to ski down, got about 40 feet and fell on my face again dislocating the same shoulder. This time however, the shoulder didn't pop back in for a good 2 min...it does help to yell. To the relief of myself and anyone worried about avalanche danger the joint popped back in, and I decided to wait this one out and have them take me down the mountain in a sled. I was in good spirits the whole time and was chatting with my ski patrol rescuer, who happened to know a friend and fellow tshirt vendor at the Saturday market...apparently taught him everything he knows, I will have to see if that is true this coming Saturday! I was given a sling and the option for medical attention, but decided to just go get some coffee instead, maybe check out the new Mt Bachelor hot tub. Something about hot water, swelling, and taking away my only solace was what they told me right before they wouldn't let me get in the hot tub.

I am fine now, a little stiff and swollen, but not bad. I am starting to think that maybe I have shoulder instability because this is not the first time I have popped this shoulder out. Below is my shoulder popping medical history (Enjoy!):

Sophomore Year: Sam and I built a ski jump on campus below "Herb n' Farm" spent all night jumping (at one point jumped Sam). We tried to get as much air as we could, and I eventually succeeded by over shooting the landing, falling on my shoulder, popping it out of the socket, and then rolled down 3 sets of concrete amphitheater seating built into the side of the hill. I got up, it popped back in, I picked up my skis, and continued jumping (this time without poles).

Brazil: I was photographing what I thought was some exquisite tropical fruit with my 18-55mm lens. While examining the photos I noticed bugs covering the fruit...possibly ants. I got closer while taking pictures, stopped to review and zoom in to see what kind of bugs they were. The moment I realized they were BEEs it was too late. I immediately turned to run while throwing my arm up for no reason and popped my shoulder out while running and getting stung by bees. This was my excuse for buying a very expensive Telephoto lens. Unrelatedly, I nearly broke my nose later that day by doing a beaver dive into a 4 ft pool.

I am avoiding using my left arm too much, and therefore did all the photoshop work in the above photo with just my right hand...like I normally do. Sweet tatt though.



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