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The Kingdom of TongaAugust 20, 2012

Well, our trip is finally coming to a close, Sam and I made it back to San Francisco with a brief stint in the tiny island Kingdom of Tonga. Below are the photos from the last three weeks. Enjoy!

Checking out the view of the Kerikeri bay of islands. We saw a pod of dolphins from our vantage.

Hanging out on our host's boat

Chasing sheep to get to caves

Incredibly these caves were free if you could find them.

Emily by a very large stalagmite

A glow worm next to its silken strands

Glow worms lighting up the ceiling

Glow worms with the cave ceiling partially lit up

Silk strands next to dripping stalactites

It was very humid in the cave and felt just like the book Journey to the Center of the Earth

"Star" Gazing

Our last day in NZ we spent camping near the cave in high winds and heavy rains without a chance of washing off the mud from spelunking. That morning we shoved our wet tent and muddy shoes in our bags and boarded a plane for the Kingdom of Tonga.

An awesome beach resort we visited on our second night to see some traditional Tongan dancing and feast

the band

the bar

redundant mustache

Some random festival where all of the school children dress up in uniforms and march

the king was supposed to be there, but I guess we missed him.

the two hour ferry we took to the island of 'Eua

Preying Mantis

Preying Mantis

Preying Mantis and friend

Giant Spider!

"Smoking waterfall" goes straight down 70m


Big Banyan Tree

Tongan Gas Station

Big leaf? or tiny Sam?

Another giant banyan tree but with a cave below it.

giant vine

feed me

Bad hair day

Monarch Caterpillar on milk weed

blue tailed skink

green hillside

Fanta and crackers

Fox Bat

Rat Cave on the side of a cliff

Extreme Hammocking

The bathroom...at night!

Kava circle (kava is the traditional drink of the Polynesian islands that is made from the root of the kava plant and has very mild tranquilizing effects). A Kava circle is only composed of men except for one woman to serve the kava, but there is some taboo about having relatives of the woman as part of the kava circle.

Kava bowl

The circles go late into the night and all of the men will play music and sing.

Filtering the kava into a bucket

You can see the profusion of caves even from this vantage

One of the few beaches on any of the islands

Climbing with puppies

and backpacks

Petrified coral

Goin' Coco Loco


big cave


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