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Abel Tasman and Up!August 20, 2012

I apologize ahead of time if these captions make no sense, but I am a wee bit tipsy because it took so freakin long to upload all of these photos (it cost about $26NZD to post all of these as far as internet time goes)

Also, if it seems the captions are incomplete, it is because they are.

Approaching Morikai Beach, or something like that. Unfortunately the tide was high, and we had to run in between waves.

The beach is known for its round boulders, not its stable or scalable beach side cliffs.

Deer farm...oh deer

Kaikoura, a beautiful area where mountains meet the ocean and sam meets seal

These lazy roustabouts contribute nothing to society. They just lay around on kelp all day eating fish and frolicking in the waves.

Two lovely German girls we repeatedly ran into on our journey north

Puka shell!

puka shell (no exclamation point)


YAY! a tiny light house.

like money in the bank...our first day in Marahau on the path to Abel Tasman

We spent the first three days along the Abel Tasman trail kayaking very slowly along the craggy coast. Because we were in kayaks we could carry much more weight than we normally would while hiking, so we ate like kings!

I was having an argument as to whether this rock looked like Hades from the Disney version of "Hercules" or Hexes from "Fern Gully", I sided with Hades.

He jumps like a flea

I cannot believe this rock isn't more widely advertised in NZ, because it looks exactly like a kiwi.

what a trooper, smiling for the camera after being impaled


I'm Pro Glow Worms!

Sam experiments with cryptozoology

sea star


Cave Weta...looks just like a shrimp without the tail

un/fortunately there is no scale, because that weta is about 6in from antenna to leg

Needless to say, we had a feast

tiny mushroom

Huge Stingray about 4ft wing span

Sam's message to his mom

The quintessential website pandering. In order to get the letters reflecting off of the water I had to write the message while up to my thighs in icy water

terrifying yet endearing

If you look closely you will see my dazzlingly white thighs and boxers beneath the writing

Pristine water on a glorious day!

seeing as it is hard to pass the camera to sam, i had to make due with another chin shot

When we first paddled up this river there was nothing, and my first comment as we were freezing our arses off was "shouldn't there be baby seals frolicking around us?" And sure enough

After about 10 min the pups warmed up to us and were easily within clubbing distance

If you ever wished you could be a bird so you could surf the air currents, seals will make you want to change mediums...but then I guess you could probably go for some sort of ocean bird that does both...i don't know, but the point is seals make swimming fun again.

Reasons for paying attention to the tide

I was like totally all up in this crabs grill

low tide in the estuary

Oyster Catchers

I fell twice into this stream trying to get these pictures

luckily i had waterproof shoes. On the down side the water went up to my thighs


I thought they might have glowing mushrooms in NZ so I went back at night about 30 min into the trail, but a possum surprised me and i lost my nerve and turned around.


I know i know, its backwards

river at night under the full moon

totally looks like a fake seal with eyes too big for its head

I would try to onomatopoeia you some seal sounds, but I just don't think we have the vowel sounds in english to give them the right guttural sound...maybe in Cyrillic

Eric: "that's a jumping starfish"
Sam: "why do they call it a jumping starfish?"

Sam: "I guess I answered my own question"

the most unfriendly part of NZ

It was okay though, because there is a ridiculous cafe in the middle of the Abel Tasman track for when you need to wake up after those early morning river crossings

Crossing the Deleware

Ripe for photoshopping

Experimenting with blur

Sam's eyes were bigger than his stomach (i was trying to do some sort of pun with his eyes eating light, but then realized it was wierd and obscure, hence this side note)

Early morning river crossing



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