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Kayak, Racecar, mom, i'm alas a salamiAugust 20, 2012

Lets see, where were we...oh yes, New Zealand. Sam, Devin, Emily, and I made it back to Christchurch, and after a day sam and I got itchy feet, and used a 5 day kayak/hiking trip as a topical cream. We left Devin and Emily to take care of things that needed taking care of in Christchurch, and Sam and I made our way up to the Abel Tasman track on the very northern tip of the South Island. We had a glorious time paddling very slowly along the coast for three days, staying in huts at night, and hiking the last two days of the trekk. We met back up with Devin and Emily in Picton, where we caught a posh 10 story ferry over to Wellington on the southern most part of the North Island. We spent two days exploring the exploratorium in Wellington (the only preserved Collosal Squid open to the public), and then drove to the town of National Parks to do the Tongariro Crossing. Unfortunately because of inclement weather we were unable to do the crossing and get rid of this pesky ring, however, this did give us an extra day to explore hotsprings around the very thermally active area around Rotorua. That about brings us up to date for now...we only make plans a couple of hours ahead of time, so for tomorrow, we are doing 3 zorb trips down a hillside, and for those of you who don't know what a zorb is, imagine a giant hampster getting revenge by putting you in a hampster ball and throwing you down the stairs. Hopefylly I will emerge from the zorb alive, invigorrated, and with the same number of brain cells. The next time I find wireless internet, instead of this coin opperated computer shit, I will continue posting copious amounts of photos, and if you didn't get enough of our naked pirate booties, then get ready for the soon to come naked hot spring bootays.

Ta for now...sweet as



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