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When will then be now...SoonAugust 20, 2012

Glacial pond...perfect for skipping rocks

Sly as a Fox Glacier

Hundreds of cairns on the side of the highway

The perfect place to run naked into the ocean, however, because of the sand flies, the imperfect place to run naked out of the ocean

Sun glasses make everything cooler

A pristine beach kept pristine from the abundance of sand flies. In the right time of the year there are penguins here...it was not the right time of the year.


After we saw Fox Glacier, Sam, Matt, and I continued down the West Coast to meet back up with Reena in Queenstown, drop Matt at the airport, and find Devin and Emily. We spent three days hanging out with the lovely Reena, glutinously eating "Patagonia ice cream" and "Ferg Burgers". Matt made it to Auckland only to have his next flight canceled, but I understand eventually made it back to Seattle. Devin and Emily managed to hitchhike from their Milford Sound Tramp to Queenstown, and the four of us drove down to Intercarvill to take a ferry to Stuwart Island. We spent three days doing the Rakiura Tramp, and an extra day on Ulva Island.

Fiddle Head

A reoccurring theme wherever we travel

Tiny Orchid!

The bark of this pine tree looked just like a Topo Map

Maybe Fontane really was my totem

A root and mud filled Trail

I shouldn't be

Vine swing

45 min exposure iso 400

Birthday Pancakes for Emily's 23rd!!!

A rare look at NZ's Emilladon

Some sort of bird or something

"I suggest you look that way"


"Let us never speak of that again"

On our way to catch a water taxi to Ulva Island

I'm just going to pretend that this is a kiwi

Kaka Bird

"Fat Girl"

We got our asses handed to us by Poseidon

Mist coming down off of the mountains on the coldest night we spent in NZ

Shaking the frost off of our tents before we packed up

Jack's Blow Hole...not nearly as cool or obscene as it sounds. But if you are into cavernous holes in the middle of a pasture with an underground sea cave, then you would probably be titillated by Jack's Blow Hole

Stay tuned for more...almost caught up!


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