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Limehouse BluesAugust 20, 2012

Well, it certainly has been a while since I posted last. I believe we left our intrepid trio back in Christchurch after a harrowing rescue from the Deception River. While Devin and Emily did boring Devin and Emily kind of things, Sam, Matt, and I did a "Way Out" day tour that took us to Hamner Hotsprings and Extreme Canyon (or something like that). The hot springs were your typical commercial hot springs with pools of varying temperatures and lots of screaming kids. However, in some of the pools they advised you to keep your head out of the water for fear of getting nematoads. I would say the highlight of the hot springs was talking to beautiful women while scantily clad, and the centrifuge in the bathroom used to dry your swim suit.

After the hotsprings, we hit up the "Shotover Jet Boat Tour" which was a blast! The boat floated on 4 inches of water, sped a foot away from canyon walls at 4o mph, and came to a jarring stop after a 360 spin.

We decided to skip the bunjee jumping and go straight on to paintballing. I was skeptical at first, but there is a real carnal joy of shooting your best friend in the back of the head. Turns out I am just as ruthless at Paintball as I am at laser tag.

War had truly made us all into men


Looking back like Dylan in the Movies...amongst Flax at the Pancake Rocks

Even their signs are adorable



Normally I wouldn't include such a lude photo in my Blog, but if you were to follow Ian's Blog: http://krausekennellyandthefareast.blogspot.com/ you would probably feel the same way.

Cave Shrimp!

Some sort of Bicho


All My Fronds Are Dead

Our beautiful car...harking back to the maroon subaru.

Very large Grain Sand

Sea Anemone

Professor Matt explaining some bogus crap about glaciers and rocks that is probably very accurate and interesting

Franz Joseph Glacier

We spent the night in the bustling town of Franz Joseph where we went to the one bar in town, made friends with the owner of the bar. Our first free shot of the night was like a "prairie fire" however with the stipulation that you had to take the shot, swish it around in your mouth, gargle it, and then drink it, and the bathroom is -->that way. Seeing as we were all veterans of 2000000 skoval units hot sauce, the shot was no big deal. We throughout the night we accumulated about 7 more free shots each...suffice it to say we were drunk, and with nothing better to do I caught a possum.


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