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combing through my mustache photosAugust 20, 2012

Once again it is ungodly hot here in Portland, and my plan is to soak it up in preparation for three months of sunless rainy winter and fall. Tomorrow, at the crack of 9 am my house and I are going to do the McNeil Point loop on Mt Hood. The hike will be hot and up hill most of the way, but if we are lucky there will still be plenty of snow to roll around in!

Not too much has been going on, or maybe so much stuff that I can't really remember it all. The most interesting nights are always the ones you can't quite remember. But here are some pictures to fill in the gaps for both of us:

We had our family reunion at an awesome spot on the Oregon side of the Columbia River in the Gorge, and we decided that we just couldn't get enough of each other, so the pictures below are from the reunion after party.

My Dad, two of my cousins, and I exploring Oregon's longest cave on one of the hotter days of the year. It was about 103 degrees outside, but stayed a constant 43 degrees inside of the cave.

This is where we turned around.

sweet hat

fun with photography

Haruna clones

The cave entrance and exit

Another hot day

Hot night

My cousin was Married a couple of weeks ago in Washington, here are a couple of wedding photos:

My cousin playing at the service


My Dad and Aunt

My other cousin playing at the wedding

Adorable flower girl

Sumiko looking gorgeous in her wedding dress (hand made by her mom)

throwing of the bouquet

Playing games on the boob tube

Ian and Gabe started another offshoot tshirt company aimed at Typography aficionados

Packaging up their first set of orders (awwwe, it is like watching myself about a year ago)

Chris looking more serious than he generally is

The house and some other friends came out to the beach house for a couple of days for some oysters, bon fires, skinny dipping, and rain.

Matt walking an over-stimulated "Bear"


Incredulous Gabe

Jenna walking Bear down a hazy windswept beach

Hazy windswept beach

Pelicans in single file

a surfer tearing it up near the jetty

Some kid making skim boarding look more fun than it is

A cowboy couple riding down the beach

I think Jenna took this photo of sparks

Chris trying to get his gut bucket working

The morning after a long night of drinks and cranium

A strange dead fish we found washed up on the beach

One of many spiders in our house, we have identified it as a "Hobo Spider" he must have left all of his worldly possessions in his bindle elsewhere.

Some of our new friends at their house a couple of blocks away

Market Stache

Ian has been making some frames out of molding from the rebuilding center

A video I took out of the car driving to "work" at the Saturday Market. The Portland Bridge Pedal was going on.

One of our couch surfers visiting Sam and I at the Saturday Market

Another one of our couch surfers who is moving to Portland

Kelsey and Breanna

More mustaches!

Well, that is all for now, we did the McNeil Hike today on Mt Hood, but I don't much feel like posting those photos yet, I like to keep myself behind in my work! But be sure there will be more adventures...we are going inner tubing down the sandy river tomorrow.



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