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Too hot for the hot tubAugust 20, 2012

Sorry it has been such a long time since we last spoke...internet...I have been busy. So many things have happened since the last riveting post on salamanders, that it would be hard to contain it all in text or photos, so as a compromise I am going to talk about doing both while actually doing neither. In the mean time, enjoy these wonderful family moments captured at the Portland Saturday Market!

It was ungodly hot this weekend, but never too hot for MUSTACHES!

She took our business cards to a whole new level

Walking home from a night on the town.

Unfortunately my phone doesn't have a flash

Now, here are some mustaches from Colorado sent to me by my favorite cat's caretaker, Marielle...lets take a look:

"Hey - so here are the photos of our DC kids in CO sporting the Lonely Dinosaur mustaches on our hiking and glacier sliding adventures." -Marielle

"Puberty hit these kids like a tonne of bricks" -Eric

Thank you Marielle for sending me these sweet pictures and for keeping it classy. I hope these won't be the last!

ps I can only express my disappointment that that squirrel didn't have a tiny mustache

Lets see, what else has been going on...We got The Internet! We have moved into our new house in SE Portland, I had some quality time at my family reunion in the Gorge. Here are some more pictures, enjoy!

View from Highway 101 near Neahkahnie Mountain


view of neahkahnie mountain from Short Sands Beach

Moving in
Crazy Eyes

Isaac and Nathan starting our trek to South Sister in Sisters, OR

View of South Sister

Shooting Stars!

Mushroom from the melting snow

mushroom periscope

we had a fire mainly to keep the droves of mosquitoes off of us

Pacific Tree Frog

nathan and one of the peaks we climbed to

awwwee...we have known each other since before we were 5 years old

glicading down on our feet

buttercup baby

Well, this doesn't really conclude anything, but I am tired of uploading photos for now, so deal. I will probably put some more up eventually, lets just say tomorrow.


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