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Batik it secret, Batik it safeAugust 20, 2012

I know all of you avid lonelydinosaur blog readers are falling over your(lonely)self to know about the crafts and textiles we saw being created on our Bali sojourn, so please enjoy the following photos with minimal interruption from me (I am hoping to catch up with Halloween by Friday!):

Women touching up batik stamps with hot wax!

Batik'd silk after one layer of dye

One of the many stamp designs that were meticulously carved.

The stamp is placed in hot wax and then carefully lined up and stamped on the fabric

A drying piece with intricate designs and colors

Hanging above a tank of indigo dye

Stamp room

The window looked like a photo on the wall


We visited a textile factory with all sorts of looms

Shana looming



Duck, Duck

Ulg, Goose

Fancy meal at a fancy hotel

Working on a double ikat weaving

This technique is insane, if i understood correctly, the design is painted on the warp and weft before it is woven together. And if that's not right, than it is probably something even harder.

I believe each of these pieces was around $600-$400, depending on how long you haggled for.

One of the oldest towns in Bali

Back to Batiking: I believe they dip the dyed fabric into boiling water to melt the wax out, and then into a boiling concoction that makes the dyes stay.

And then into a cold water rinse.

Stan hard at work

Shana perfecting her art

They made us lunch!



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