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First Daze in BaliAugust 20, 2012

We hopped, skipped, and flew 5 hrs from Hong Kong to Denpasar, Bali where we met up with Emi, Mari, and the Horak family (Stan, Fay, Laura, and Shana). The first stop on the Horak/Nomura vacation train was a coffee plantation where we could sample different types of coffee grown in Bali, as well as teas, and different spices.

The Horaks: Stan, Laura, Shana, and Fay

Terraced rice paddies

This is the Cacao fruit, although it may look more familiar with a Toblarone wrapper around it.

A baby iguana I caught and posed for all of our enjoyment

Roasting coffee beans

Sampling Balanese coffee and tea. We tried Bali's most iconic and most expensive coffee, made from the poop of the civet cat...it was alright. It was worth it for the potty humor.

They should call it a Mon-locked

Throughout our trip we saw roosters cloistered in their own wicker cages. I am told they are fighting cocks, but I think they are separated to keep them out of the hen house.

Some local guys making the flower arrangements for one of the myriad festivals in Bali


Lunch at the rim of the crater that the pictured volcano is in.

Snake skin fruit, however, we thought it would be more aptly named Armadillo Scrotum fruit

Such is mango

Keepin em modest


Not sure I want to know what he was selling

Mari overlooking the beginning of a bubbling spring

This temple is known for it's fresh spring water which is used to purify your body and spirit

Cracks in the wall

A hard nut to crack, but an even harder nut to carve.

Mom at some sort of giant temple carved into the wall...ask mom for details

If this is Sarong babe, I don't want to be Sa'right


We were led to believe we were going on an "herb hike" when in fact it was a super long walk through a rice paddy where the guide was mainly spouting nonsense, but we did eat some pretty sweet coconut rice and coconuts.

Ants making a bridge

Our nature guide

Awesome round golden/transparent beetle


Bees with loads of pollen

giant grasshopper about 3in long

Well looks like that's all for tonight, but stay tuned, we are only on day 3 or so.


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