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Hong KongAugust 20, 2012

This first photo pretty much sums up Hong Kong in 2 days

The city is not outright pedestrian friendly, but we managed.

part of the longest outdoor escalator in the world...wooo

Raccoon in the zoo. On purpose!

I am glad I wasn't driving

wax chan

from the top of Hong Kong's highest peak

AC units

tall apts everywhere

we met up with a woman we met in Thailand, who graciously took us around HK with her brother, niece, and uncle.

South China Sea

Pandanas with ANTas

Chinese blueberries

Some sea wall dam to preserve the water reservoir

Selling fresh live sea food from the boat

Horse Shoe Crab

Cuddle Fish

Giant Prawns grown in bottles

That's A Moray


Monkey Fight

Monkey resolution

car vs monkey rumble

"You know I don't want this for us either Jim...I'm sorry, but...I have to go"

Apparently bearing your teeth at a monkey is taken as a sign of aggression

Food, the great motivator

some sort of political message...or an advertisement for keeping monkeys out using barbed wire

worlds longest bridge


Typical apartments

First day in Bali, meeting up with Emi, Mari, Fay, Stan, Shana, and Laura


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