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Misc iPhone PhotosAugust 20, 2012

Here are some random photos from the past month or so taken with my phone:

Spontaneous Pizza night!

Fitting 8 people in one car along with their innertubes

A box full of giant tears

horrifying burnt giant head

creepy elmo

You can see why we chose to get only giant hands and left the heads

Franz as a giant puss in boots

About a month after I took this photo I was browsing books at Powell's, and found a photo of this parade float in the rose parade

A couple of caricatures by Heather

It looks more like Sam than Sam does

Ali sporting the stache

Fixing a broken pinkie

Dinner at my grandpa's restaurant: Ichikawa in Port Townsend, WA

At the Lizard Lounge on First Thursdays

New friends with staches

Britt and Meg by candle light

Band Playing at Jason's house

Band at Music Fest North West


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