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Horse Tail Falls, Beer Bottling, and Giant HandsAugust 20, 2012

Here we are again, Sam is back from Burning Man, I have been playing tennis every day with Ian while the weather is still beautiful, and I am preparing to head to Hong Kong, Bali, and Java on Thursday. Here are a couple photos from these past two weeks:

Gabe, Sam, Britt, and I hiked to a number of beautiful waterfalls in the Gorge:

waterfall, blah blah blah

Gabe and Britt

Apparently there are no giant "banana slugs" to the East, so Sam and Britt were besides themselves when we ran across the commonplace slimy behemoth.

Slug racing towards Sam's finger

Horse Tail Falls

If that is horse tail falls, where are they walking?

Three falls

Oxalis on a nurse log

crazy moth caterpillar

woolly bear

Bottling our first brew:
We haven't decided on a name, nor do I think we ever will, but I am vying for IPA Rainbow

Giant Hands:
About a month ago we responded to a craig's list ad from a Float making company that was clearing out some old stock. We saw many strange giant visages in that warehouse but came back with giant hands. Now that they are mounted on the wall, Ian felt obliged to make them creepier with some red nails.


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