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Port Townsend with Mari and Grandpa, and then someAugust 20, 2012

About two weeks ago Mari and I visited our Grandfather Carl at his home in Port Townsend, WA, where we expected a nice quiet relaxing stay after our intense 4 day mt rainier backpacking trip. Right off the bat we went out to the garden to pick fresh figs, apples, and then over to the Unitarian church to collect black berries. We went to the store to pick up supplies for thai food, oysters, and stopped by his restaurant for sake and the Carl Nomura special. Suffice it to say our stomachs were happily working over time. The next day we "took it easy" by driving two hours to the Sol Duc Hot Springs next to the Hoh Rain forest, went for a short hike and then slipped into the hots prings for the next couple of hours. To give our incredibly energetic 86 year old grandpa a break Mari and I joined our cousin Sumiko and her new groom Erik on a little fishing excursion at Jefferson Lake. It turned out to be a "little fish" excursion, but we fish not to catch fish, but to enjoy nature and shotgun a beer at 8:30 am.

Here are some photos, enjoy!:

Grandpa using his sticks to negotiate the trail up to the Sol Duc waterfall

He is by no means a slow poke with them pokin sticks

A butterfly with a broken wing


Left to right: Uncle Mike, Grandpa Carl, Sister Mari...just Mari, and Me

long exposure waterfalls

Grandpa peeling an orange while sporting his "All My Friends Are Dead" Lonely Dinosaur t-shirt

Getting the tackle all set up and ready for fish



the water line was very low, the water was clear, and the bank was a muddy shoe trap

If you look closely there is an otter basking on that rock, which is how we explain the dearth of fish in the lake.

Fish Food

Living mud

wet and dry mud

mari balancing on a log

Sumiko showing off the monster fish

Salmon spawning on the Big Quilcene River

Erik helping Grandpa repair his shop vac

Once Mari and I got back from Grandpas, our other Sister Emi showed up with her friend Taylor. We spent a rainy day exploring Portland and then made a quick run for the beach.

Taylor, Chris, Emi

Taylor eagerly awaiting Kenny and Zuk's incredible food

Emi "crazy eyes" Nomura

Looks like someone didn't make it to burning man

I like to imagine the song "little green bag" from Reservoir Dogs when I see this photo

Powell's Technical Book Store

like a lumberjack version of baywatch

Something is way too funny

Look at that form

The End



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