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First day climbing Mt. KilimanjaroAugust 20, 2012

Emi and I arrived in Nairobi, Kenya at around 8 am, where we met up with my good friend Matt (who accompanied Sam and I to New Zealand).  Matt had been waiting for us at the Airport since 2 am...what a guy.  Bleary eyed we took a cab into the city, bought bus tickets to Arusha, and waited around in a cafe until 2pm.  Everything worked out surprisingly well considering how sleep deprived we all were.  We boarded a small bus/large van and made the 6hr journey to Arusha.  I thought maybe, since I wasn't traveling in Guatemala where everyone is literally 2 ft shorter than me I might have some leg room on this bus...I was wrong, and I still have the bruises to prove it.


The first wild life I witnessed in Africa was mauled down by the bus in front of us.  The poor gazelle was still alive, but hurt beyond help.  The guy sitting in front of me jumped out of the window, pulled out a knife, and promptly slit the gazelles throat.  Welcome to Africa I guess.

The rest of the ride to Arusha, Tanzania was happily uneventful.  We made it to a wonderful hostel (La Oasis Lodge and Annexe) run by Germans, and rendezvoused with my other sister Mari, and her friend from Google, Lindsay.  We rested up, spent a day in Arusha getting our bearings, and then steeled ourselves for the 6 day climb to the top of Africa.

The whole crew at the Machame Gate rarin' to go.  (Left to Right: Matt, Emi, Lindsay, Mari, Eric (Me))


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