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Christmas in San FranciscoAugust 20, 2012

I think almost every post I have ever made is an apology for not posting regularly.  Either I should change the theme of my blog or I should eat more Whole Bran Cereal to keep me regular.  That said, totally un-apologetically here is where I left off:

I made it back from Bali/Java/Hong Kong
Halloween found me in a home made hermit crab outfit at a Starfucker concert
Birthdays came and went
I think I had 4 Thanksgiving dinners
We got the new website up and running while slowly working the kinks out
Sam and I traveled to Colorado to sell at the Colorado College Crafts Fair (and went skiing at Copper Mt.), while some friends sold for us at PSM and the Expo Center

We kept ourselves very busy for the holiday season selling tshirts, and getting the website working without us so that we could both take off traveling.

On the 24th of December I flew to San Francisco to hang out with my older sister for Christmas, and then we flew out together on the 27th for Nairobi, Kenya!

Christmas eve and Christmas Day found Emi, Amelia, and I drunk on Mimosas, in plus sized footy pajamas, bouncing in a miniature bouncy castle like there was no tomorrow.  Unfortunately there was a tomorrow. It was filled with headaches, bruises, and last minute Africa preparation shopping.  Incredibly we both made it to the airport on the 27th, flew to London, spent 8hrs wandering around deliriously tired, and then made our connecting flight to Nairobi.

This is a pretty sparse summation from where I left off, but we're all just going to have to deal with that.

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