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Underground Mosque/WaterparkAugust 20, 2012

Everything else we saw in Java paled in comparison to Borobudur, but then that's not really a fair comparison. Here are some photos of local attractions in Yokyakarta:

Entering the King's private bath house

It seems a shame that no one was actually swimming in the bath house, I guess it is used more for looking at than using these days.

A shadow puppet in the process of being carved from Raw Hide.

wards away evil spirits

pigeon's and other birds are bread for certain characteristics (ie the right cooing noise, color, strut) and then sold at the bird market.

Tunnel to the underground mosque

She chose poorly

These guys were showing off their pigeons. Pretty impressive. Also, pigeons-->pig eons...think about it.


dyed chicks

awww, laura and I sharing a bike tuktuk thing. Unfortunately the bike was too small for our joint asses.

We took a horse drawn carriage because it was cheaper than a taxi, but there wasn't room for me, so I ended up hanging on to the back.

Look how comfortable they all look in their covered wagon

I got a lot of strange looks from people driving behind us...I think they thought I was steeling a ride.


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