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Right Near Da Beach AYEEEEE!August 20, 2012

We made it to the beach after four hours or so in the car, where each family happily spent the remaining hours of the day relaxing in our own villas. The next day we went snorkeling on one of the near by islands. The water was super choppy, but the weather is always fine under water! It was an incredible reef, and I wish I had had an underwater camera.

The ride back from snorkeling was an interesting voyage. At points we were gauging whether we would be able to swim to land if we needed to. The waves were so big our boat would land in the troughs, torque, and break open some new cracks on the gunwale. Our skipper spent most of the ride back bailing the boat out, with his ripping purple spandexed hiney in our faces.

I pulled a dead centipede out of the pool, left it there for maybe half an hour, came back, and found it covered in a swarm of ants.

To it's folly, I watched a curious millipede investigate the hubbub

I was hoping to do a little time lapse photo series, but forgot.

On our way to climb up to a temple on the top of a mountian

Brittle starfish

Sea Urchin "tests"

As I mentioned earlier, I broke my 4th tripod the night before I left for Bali, in order to take this photo I rested my camera on top of my wallet on a rock on top of the mountain. I left in haste to put my order in for dinner. About 45 min later we made it down, placed our orders, and went back to our rooms to change. My room key just happened to be in my wallet, which was at the top of a mountain. I ran back to the top of the mountain, retrieved my wallet, and came back to cold dinner and a half eaten banana split.

We went on a nature hike in the area

I forgot what this seed pod was called, but apparently it is the stuffing in life preservers

If you look very close you will see an ant lion

leg booboo

Fountain of youth or something...I wasn't really paying attention

I was really hoping the monkey would ride one of the cats, but then I realized I had been watching too much TV, and not because it was implausible, but because my attention span was shot and I was too impatient to wait for it to happen.

Green bird with red face

Our villa!

I used to have a rubber Tokay Gecko, it was pretty cool to see and catch a live one.


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