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Apple Butter JamboreeAugust 20, 2012

What a long time since I last posted!  I apologize to my readership (Hi Mom!).

Sam and I have been quite busy this summer, what with the Portland Saturday Market every weekend (Sat: 10-5; Sun: 11-4:30), Last Thursdays every month, Mississippi Street Fair, Clinton/Division Street Fair, Hawthorne Street Fair, Alberta Street Fair, and coming up Sunday September 12th the Belmont Street Fair (SE Belmont between SE 34th and SE 37th) from 10AM-5PM

As always we have made sure to put quality time aside to make sure we don't get too stressed.  I've found surfing and traveling are excellent ways to relax and let the creative juices stew, what a wonderful coincidence that those are some of my favorite things to do!

Now then, here is a random photo montage of what we've been up to:

We've moved to NE Portland!  Our first meal in the new house.  Our only utensils were a ladle and the things you stab into corn on the cob. 
The pressures of office have led to recreational nepita "the nip" abuse.
strung out
power corrupts in adorable ways.
Oh my a lab coat filled with liquor and fireworks!  Just what the doctor ordered.  Boy what a good brother I am.  Happy Birthday Emi.
just what I look for in a hike
Lava Canyon, Mt St Helens, WA

Flyfishing view of Mt Hood

I wasn't really sure how I should cut and cook the very small fish I caught.  It looks kind of like a Fish "bear skin rug".
Photoshop acting up while trying to create a new design
A common sight in the morning
Steak House/Strip Club, and oddly appropriate inapproriate combination.  Happy Birthday Joslyn
View of South Sister from Camp Lake
Looking for the Trail, what Ali doesn't know is There Is No Trail!
Whoops, we ended up in the worst place you could be...the base of a Moraine.  We heard the terrifying crash of rocks falling whilst making a speedy traverse.

Straight up to the top.  Nothin' quite like scree.
Yay Summit! Boo Clouds.

Another giant shpment of blank shirts.  At this rate we should start selling cardboard boxes.
A trippy "2001 a space odessy" style ventilation hole we cut in the wall.
Slug sex!  After showing the nature video narrated by Sir David Attenborough of slugs mid coitus, I happened upon it in my front yard completely serendipitously.
A full day of surfing rounded off with a glorious sunset.
The ritual deflating of innertubes after a day on the Sandy River.

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