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New WebsiteNovember 30, 2010

As some of you may have noticed Lonely Dinosaur has a new look. It has been a long time on the back burner, but we finally got off of our collective asses and got it running!  There are some new designs, check out should be smoother, and the overall speed of the site should be increased.  There are certainly some improvements to be made, but hey I don't see YOU doing anything (not you Gabe, you're one of the good ones).  We will continue striving towards the Platonic ideal of a T-Shirt website...we have our top idea men holed up in a cave somewhere reading the shadows off the walls...soooo, it might be a while before you see any new improvements. 

-Eric and hmmm, I think I might be alone on this one


PS for whatever reason I am only getting the titles of my previous blog entries to show up, I will continue complaining until something fixes it.



  • Not related to this video, but if your new find a Junker home you arlley dont have any contacts to sell to will people just come to you at that price?Is California a bad place for this sort of business.Also how do you find Deals or Junker homes with your bandit signs or ads in the paper?

    Posted by Jane on April 12, 2012