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Let us beef frank with you.July 12, 2011

Let's cut to the chase. We know our blog has been somewhat boring/non existant for a while and this is how we intend to make it up to you. We're happy to announce that LonelyDinosaur has officially entered the 2011 Portland Adult Soap Box Derby. In the coming month, our blog will chronicle team Hotdog Millionaire's meteoric rise to glory. Watch us transform steel, old bikes, and recycled PVC piping into a 300 pound 12-foot hot dog with saddles for thee - a delicious deathtrap that will ultimately convey our brave souls down the windy gauntlet that is mighty Mt Tabor. Stay tuned for more. For now, feel free to peruse and critique our highly detailed technical schematics, and perhaps consider getting your First Aid certifications renewed.

Hotdog Millionaire