About Us

We launched Lonely Dinosaur T-shirts in the Spring of 2008. After graduating from Colorado College with liberal arts degrees in Biology and English, we soon realized that making cheeky puns was a more fulfilling, if not more lucrative, way to make it in the world than the typical 9-5. T-shirts were our medium, and a Biodiesel RV named Steve was our home.

Landing in Portland, OR in 2009, we slowly built an empire that now spans hundreds of square feet. In 2013, we opened a storefront, and hired Ryan, our first employee! We're a small company, run by nice guys. We only use Made in the USA organic cotton, and have since we began. We bank with a local credit union, and try and do right by the world. If you like our stuff, we could probably be friends. Thanks for checking us out, and if you like us, please help spread the word.


 Sam & Eric & Ryan.