Questionable Morels Shirt

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The quest for good morels is often a personal journey rife with pitfalls and ambiguity.  You have to learn from your Matsutakes.  If you Blewit you may have to Bolete your Liberty Cap but after that you don't have to take any Shitakes from anybody.  People can decry the dangers of mushrooms until they're blue in the gills like Lactarius indigo, but I say be a fungi!  Have a puffball!  Worst case you'll head towards Chanterelles with a hand-basket.


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All of our shirts are made from super-soft, ring-spun, Grown-in-the-USA organic cotton. They have been grown in fields that have been chemical pesticide and fertilizer free for over 4 years. These shirts are 100% USA-made- from growing the cotton to sewing the fabric to printing the designs- supporting ethical employment standards and keeping money in the US economy.

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